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The competition presents a timetabling problem. The competing teams have to design an intelligent timetabling mobile app which allows mobile users to enter data and view the results on the interface of mobile devices.

The competing teams are requested to design an intelligent timetabling mobile app (Android) which

  • allows mobile users to enter data and requirements;
  • calculates a timetable based on the users’ input;
  • allows the users to view the resultant timetable on the interface of mobile devices.

The Computing-Cup committee shortlists the competition teams. The finalist teams are requested to give presentations in HSMC. The awards are determined after the presentation.

Problem Specifications



Secondary school group

  • Only current S1 – S6 students are eligible.
  • Each team consists of at least 1 student and at most 4 students.
  • Each secondary school can form at most 3 teams.
  • Each student can be in at most 1 team.



Gold award*                HK$10,000 cash prize and a cup

Silver award*               HK$5,000 cash prize and a certificate

Bronze award*            HK$2,000 cash prize and a certificate

Merit award                 HK$1,000 cash prize and a certificate

* Students in the teams awarded the Bronze or above award will be given conditional offers without any further assessments when they apply for the programmes offered by the Department of Computing, Hang Seng Management College.  These students will also be considered favorably for a scholarship subject to satisfactory performance in the interview with the Scholarship Panel of the Department of Computing.

Note: Awards are given based on performance of the teams. If more than one team reaches the gold standard, more than one gold prize could be awarded.

Evaluation criteria

1. Programming and technical implementation

2. Human-centred design

  • User interface (UI): UI is expected to be beautiful and user-friendly. It is easy and convenient to input data and view the results.
  • Response time (the shorter the better). It is expected to be less than 1 sec which is a typical industry requirement.



Teams must submit the following two items via our competition website on or before the submission deadline:

  1. An executable Android mobile app with graphical user interface (GUI), i.e. APK file;
  2. A manual showing how to use the app. (For example: How input is done? How to observe the result?…etc.).

The finalist teams must conduct a 15-minute presentation in the final round of the competition on 20 May 2017.

Submit your work here



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