• To promote Technology Education (as part of STEM education) in Hong Kong secondary schools
  • To train students’ problem-solving skills using programming
  • To promote human-centred computing

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App development workshop
First app development workshop: 10 March 2018 Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm Venue: Room 312, 3/F, S H Ho Academic Building (Block
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Competition briefings
First briefing: 23 February 2018 Time: 5:00pm – 6:00pm Venue: Room 501, 5/F, Academic and Administration Building (Block N), Hang Seng
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Competition details

Contest rules
  • Each team submits an Android mobile app solving the smart travel planner problem: given certain point of interests (POI), the App finds a route that visits all the given POIs and tries to minimize the overall traveling time
  • 5 teams will be selected to enter the Final Event, which will be held in May at HSMC.
  • Each of the selected teams will give a presentation about their Apps, covering their approaches to solve the problem and the designs to make it human-centred.
  • More information (e.g., specification of the problem) can be found on the homepage of the competition.

Problem Specifications

  • Secondary school students
    • Each school can form at most 3 teams
    • Each team consists of at most 4 students who are in S1-S6
    • Each student can be in at most 1 team

  • 1 Gold Award - $10,000 cash prize and a trophy cup
  • 1 Silver Award - $5,000 cash prize
  • 1 Bronze Award - $2,000 cash prize
  • 2 Merit Awards - $1,000 cash prize

Students in the teams awarded the Bronze prize will be given conditional offers to Hang Seng Management College, without any further assessments, and possibly with the scholarship. Please refer to our homepage for more information.

Honorable Mention Awards will be awarded to teams with satisfactory performance. Note: Awards are given based on the performance of the teams. If more than one team reaches the gold standard, more than one gold prize could be awarded.

Scoring criteria

1. Functional objective (please refer to the Problem Specifications.)
  • Evaluating the App base on these criteria
    • Validity
    • Time minimization
    • Response time (the shorter the better)
2. Human-centred design
  • User interface (UI): UI is expected to be beautiful and user-friendly. It is easy and convenient to input data and views the results.

Teams must submit the following two items via our competition website on or before the submission deadline:
  1. An executable Android mobile app with graphical user interface (GUI), i.e. APK file;
  2. A document for briefly explaining the design principle and the use method of the app.
The finalist teams must conduct a 15-minute presentation in the final round of the competition on 20 May 2017.

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Event schedule

Key dates
23 February 2018 (Fri.) First briefing session (Join this event now)
2 March 2018 (Fri.) Registration deadline
10 March 2018 (Sat.) First app development workshop (Join this event now)
16 March 2018 (Fri.) Second app development workshop (Join this event now)
23 March 2018 (Fri.) Second briefing session (Join this event now)
29 April 2018 (Sun.) Submission deadline
9 May 2018 (Wed.) Announcement of finalist teams
26 May 2018 (Sat.) Final event and award presentation
*Both briefing session cover the same contents
*Both app development workshop cover the same contents

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